Welcome to Pivotal Risk Advisors

Welcome to Pivotal Risk Advisors, a new networked boutique consultant focused on helping companies engaged in energy, commodity and related financial markets unlock latent value.

While engaged with clients as a network of independent consultants and vendors, it occurred to us that there is a need in industry. There is a large gap in depth and breadth in commodity strategy, commercial operations, risk management and regulatory compliance consulting. Clients want to trust that results will be insightful, auditable and quantifiable.

They also speak about large investment in organizational initiatives that, in hindsight, did not comprehensively take into account our client’s unique business objectives, risk tolerances and capital adequacy. They communicate that the end-result is often a recommendation for large software integration, augmented staffing, outsourcing or hosting services. They, instead, often wish to make “the way they do business” smarter, retain know-how and ingrain the “company way” into the culture of every employee.

We aim to remedy this gap with Pivotal Risk Advisor’s proprietary fit-to-client approach that will show real measurable value and improvement in decision-making – that can be tracked, quantified and audited. We help assure our client’s maintain their unique value proposition.

Over the coming months we will be

  • Communicating specific services and tools
  • Providing regular insight into market changes and business practices
  • Continue to help our clients through organizational change and transaction support
  • Seeking new opportunities

We are also expanding our network of associates and networked service providers.

Please take some time to review our website, subscribe to our insights blog and email with any suggestions or questions. We value the input of our network and community.

If you have ever worked with us in the past and are pleased with the outcome, we welcome any references, referrals or opportunities. We are just beginning and appreciate your valued support.

Thank you!
Sid Jacobson
Founder and Managing Director

P.S. Currently, we are facilitating a Risk Management Practices benchmarking study for the Committee of Chief Risk Officers (CCRO). If your organization has interest in results of the 2015 survey or participating in the 2016 survey please send a note.

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