Immersion Learning. Knowledge Transfer.

Ensure comprehensive industry training reflects the organization’s way of doing business.

Pivotal Risk Advisors customizes training programs for our client’s own business operations and scenarios to strengthen knowledge transfer.

Examples of training offerings include:

  • Executive Immersion Workshops – Concentrated executive training from the perspectives of the executive’s role.
  • Client Boot Camps – Interactive business scenarios that are researched and resolved through team exercises.
  • Core Company Curriculum – Development of a reoccurring core-curriculum program and supporting coursework for on-going training.

Pivotal Risk Advisors develops and delivers training programs on topics including:

  • Risk Management and Control Practices
  • Dodd-Frank for the End-User
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Electricity and Natural Gas Utility Hedging
  • Transaction Life Cycle
  • Swaps, Options and Futures
  • Commodity Trading

Ask us how we can customize training for you!