Pivotal Risk Advisors works from the asset, portfolio, transaction or strategic perspective for large industrials, physical end-users, commodity marketers or traders. We also work with regulators, exchanges, brokers, municipalities and law firms.

Recent Case Studies:

Risk Policies: Renewable Energy Portfolio

Pivotal Risk Advisors assessed risk exposure through the lifecycle of a renewable energy credit and formulated and drafted risk policies and limits to manage the risk exposure of a national renewable energy company.
The risk policy consisted of a new governance structure, policies, controls and portfolio, transaction and credit limits to account for company tolerance and desired returns.
The client is currently implementing the new Risk Policy.

Executive Training: ERCOT Electric Utility

Pivotal Risk Advisors drafted and presented a customized executive workshop on risk management, organizational process, hedging strategies and regulatory compliance for an ERCOT Utility serving multiple municipalities.
The interactive immersion workshop addressed specific natural gas and power market and organizational scenarios with engagement by staff and corporate executives
The client is implementing lessons learned during the workshop.

Risk Reports: Natural Gas Portfolio

Pivotal Risk Advisors collaborated with the E&P and Energy Supply division of a large international industrial company to draft a suite of risk and performance report templates for their Natural Gas hedging program.
The client received cascading market, price, credit and volumetric performance and risk exposure templates and mapping and testing of their data requirements
The client is integrating these reports into their Business Intelligence tools.

Relevant Career Consulting Accomplishments:

  • Drove the regulatory compliance consulting practice area for a global consulting firm resulting in growth from less than 1% to over 8% of annual firm-wide global consulting revenues.
  • Led transformation of an $8B IPP’s risk management program and centralization of all commodity functions to help demonstrate they can emerge from financial restructuring.
  • Designed and led the integration of enhanced risk management programs and commodity supply and trading organizations for over 15 organizations.
  • Guided new Enterprise Risk Management frameworks for five utilities and municipalities.
  • Visioned and led the build-out of a Mid-Atlantic Merchant Energy company’s risk management program and commodity operations to help form a new $2B commodity business unit.
  • Supported market analysis and drafted expert testimony to support the financial settlement of a notorious CAISO Electricity market manipulation case.
  • Shepherded over $8B in transactions including asset transfer, business integration and restructuring supply and hedge agreements that reduced working capital by at least 60%.