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Our mission is simple: To help your energy, commodity or trading organization identify, unlock and realize measurable value through improved commodity strategies, commercial operations, risk management and regulatory compliance.

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Pivotal Risk Advisors is a networked boutique consultancy focused on helping organizations engaged in energy, commodity and related financial markets improve financial performance through business transformation and transaction support.

How Does Pivotal Risk Advisors Help?


Pivotal Risk Advisors brings a unique consulting approach that accounts for each client’s own business objectives, financial tolerances and exposures introduced by the commodity and financial markets. Our objective is to help our clients improve their return on investment by eliminating blind spots, strengthening decision-making, integrating regulatory compliance and creating operational efficiency.

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Commodity Strategy & Operations

Measurable Operational Improvement

  • Rationalize Commodity Market Strategy
  • Strengthen Organizational Processes
  • Implement Operational Efficiency

Transaction Support

Realize Expected Results 

  • Strategic Analysis & Due Diligence
  • Risk Adjusted Valuation and Structuring
  • Subject-matter Led Integration

Risk Management & Controls

Minimize Risk & Maximize Returns

  • Enhance Controls Framework
  • Empower Decision-Making
  • Measure Risk and Performance 

Executive Training

Knowledge Transfer Through Immersion

  • Commodity Life Cycle Immersion Workshops
  • Subject Matter Engaged Boot Camps
  • Reoccurring Core Curriculum

Regulatory Compliance & Oversight

Integrate Regulatory Response & Oversight

  • Map Regulatory Impacts
  • Strengthen Policies & Governance
  • Integrate Proactive Compliance Surveillance

Expert Trading & Risk Support

Subject Matter Analysis and Insight

  • Practiced Subject Matter Expertise
  • Expert Opinion & Independent Analysis
  • Benchmarks and Case Studies

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Our Insights

On September 1st, 2016 the CFTC issued a No Action Relief Letter that extends the date that the CFTC will enforce compliance with Non-Cleared Swaps Collateralization.

This regulation will impact all entities that transact in swap transactions.

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On Tuesday, October 3 a jury convicted Michael Coscia of six counts of commodities fraud and six counts of “spoofing” commodities markets. This ruling has sweeping ramifications for market participants, including traders and hedgers.

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Commercial entities, as well as, Financial Institutions will be impacted by new margin requirements for uncleared swaps. Most will fare better than expected. However, there are some facts organizations that transact in Swaps need to know.

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A funny thing happened on the journey to compliance with Dodd-Frank regulations. Regulators are relentlessly honing in on existing market manipulation regulations. Particularly, investigations and actions related to Wash Trading and Spoofing.

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On August 18th, 2015 the CFTC proposed sweeping revisions on how “cleared swaps” will be reported. Proposed Part 45 revisions aim to improve data integrity, reduce reporting redundancies and create a more efficient reporting process.

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Welcome to Pivotal Risk Advisors, a new networked boutique consultant focused on helping companies engaged in energy, commodity and related financial markets unlock latent value. While engaged with clients as a network of independent consultants and vendors, it occurred to us that there is a need in industry. There is a large gap in depth and… Read More

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